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for building a democratic labour movement in India

About Us

Center for Workers Education (CWE) is working to evolve in to a strategic research, education, cultural and information resource center of the working class. CWE is working with various sections of labour movement for building a democratic labour movement in India. Read More

Planned Activities


Conduct Research to present a holistic and Dynamic picture of Working Class and Challenges before the working class movement in India
Conduct Research on various aspects of working conditions and state of Occupational Health and Safety in various occupations and the challenge of social security
Conduct research on the dynamics of caste, gender and class and strategies to strengthen the democratic dynamics in organizations that creates insured space for various sections of social classes
Researching and developing Education and training Modules on various issues of relevance for workers and organizers

See specific research Projects Planned: CWE Plan 2016-18

Center for workers Education invites individuals and organizations to collaborate in implementing these projects


Campaign on social and Labour rights, including the issues of social security, socio-economic and political equality and social inclusion, Occupational Health and Safety and labour rights and labour law
South Asia Workers Forum, to initiate a discussions and develop a collective understanding on various national and regional issues of the working classes in South Asian countries, to strengthen the solidarity among working class in South Asia
Annual three tier Education/training program for grass root activists engaged in organizing various sections of workers: i) Two day local level workshop introducing the world of labour with local contexts and the issues of working class solidarity; ii) Three day workshop at regional level, introducing the political economy of labour with national context and introducing the existing working class movements in the country; and the issues of working class solidarity at national level; iii) Five day Workshop, introducing the political economy of labour, with international context, introducing the working class movements in various countries, and the issues of international solidarity
Training programs for workers and organizers on various issues of relevance for example: a) Labour laws, b) social security, c) Occupational health and safety and, d) Organizing the Unorganized

See: CWE Plan 2016-18

Center for workers Education invites individuals and organizations to collaborate in implementing these projects

CWE Dream Projects

Workers’ Education and Cultural Center: Establishing a Workers’ Education and Cultural Center in at least one of working class localities. The center may be equipped with a library, a conference room and a hall for providing short term temporary accommodation to some migrant workers coming for the first time and without job, and for organizers of trade union facing crisis due to retrenchments etc. The center may provide a cultural space to the workers and also work as an education center for workers. It is expected that the center may also prove effective for organizing the worker
Residential School for Working Class Children: Establishing a residential school from 6th to 12th standard for the working class children, with a focus to accommodate homeless children. It may be established in a rural locality and may also be flexible to enroll those local children not willing to stay in hostel. Education system must be such that it will focus on overall development of children and developing scientific temperament among them. Traditional physical education and traditional knowledge of medicines, basic practical understanding of society and environment, and learning at least one craft practically may also part of curriculum along with other required subjects. The dream is to facilitate emergence of a generation of youth, with great empathy and critical understanding of society and environment, faith in democratic values and have capabilities and courage to play a role in democratic transformation of society.
Magazine for Developing Scientific Temperament and Working Class Consciousness: An online magazine-Social change, for promoting scientific temperament and working class consciousness by presenting a critical analysis on various aspects of society, economy and politics with a working class perspective. The objective of the magazine will be to play a role in developing conceptually sound organizers well exposed with global political economy and challenges of the working class movement. CWE will try to build a team of editors and writers representing various states of India. The authors may write articles in any Indian language and they may be published in original along with their translation in English. CWE will facilitate and promote to build state level team of editors and writers/translators, who may translate all articles in local language and publish online and hard copies of the magazines in local language. Hard copies will be published only in local languages by the state level teams.
Center for workers Education invites individuals and organizations to collaborate to dream together and be part of collective efforts to implement these projects



7 comments on “About Us

  1. Toko-Buku Azbooks
    July 29, 2011

    Nice blog and good job you are doing.. Good luck!

  2. Mohit Gupta
    August 28, 2012

    Well Done

  3. Mitsuki.M
    March 20, 2013

    This is niece brog.


    I am Mitsuki that means light and Joyful.
    from Japanese.

    Heaven have downed the documents of project of Heaven and gods..
    This made by Heaven who used my hands.

    Prease read and consider.

    top page
    Universal Forum
    Socialist Earth Government

    Philosophy of Dialectical Materialism(弁証法的唯物論の哲学)

    Presence define consciousness 存在が意識を規定する
    Time and Space 時間と空間
    Existentialism 実存主義
    Theory of the truth 真理論
    From Quantity to Quality 量から質へ

    Spiritual Practice(スピリチュアリティの道)

    SVO theory SVO論
    Karma カルマ
    clearing 浄化

    Marxism going on with God(神とともに歩むマルクス主義)
    Socialism 社会主義
    Society of humankind 人類社会
    Vision of socialism 社会主義のビジョン
    Globalization グローバライゼーション
    Economy エコノミー
    Financial crisis 金融恐慌
    The 21st century socialist movement 21世紀の社会主義運動
    Marxism going on God 神と共に歩むマルクス主義
    Class of t’ai chi linking to star (星とつながる太極拳教室)

    Tai Chi connecting with star 星とつながる太極拳

    God and Humankind(神と魂)
    The left spiral higher consciousness “I” (左渦巻き高次「私」意識実体)
    The Word of God 神の言葉
    Existence proof of the God  神の存在証明
    Guardian 守護神
    Ascension アセンション
    Awareness 覚醒
    Left spiral world 左渦巻き世界
    Existence of God 神の存在
    Activity on the ground 地上の活動
    Massage of God 神のメッセージ
    Liberation of humanity 人類の解放
    The 21st century socialist movement 21世紀の社会主義運動
    The 21st century socialist movement is spreading to North America from South America.
    This movement does not stop.
    The 21st century socialist movement covers the whole earth.

    The 21st century socialism go on with the aim of sharing the means of production.
    This idea is original socialism which Marx and Engels discussed.
    Nationalization is not a socialist idea.
    Socialism of the 20th century was not a socialism.

    Socialism is the idea that contain and go beyond capitalism.
    Making socialism without passing through capitalism was impossible.
    Socialist countries in the 20th century occurred in countries underdeveloped capitalism either.
    Socialism of the 20th century did collapse, which prove the correctness of the theory of historical materialism of Marx, Engels.

    The 21st century socialism have begun to expand even in countries like the United States that have developed capitalism.
    Capitalism is near collapse.
    Expand the socialist movement in the 21st century in many parts of the world, we must prepare for the collapse of capitalism.

    Socialist movement need to deploy in conjunction with the movement to create a single global government.
    As long as that is within the framework of the nation-state, socialism can not be victorious.
    When the nation-state is the local autonomy body of the earth, it is possible to eliminate the enormous waste of military spending truly.
    We can free people from the fear of nuclear weapons to bring ruin to the human race.
    Socialism will save the human race.
    Ninety-Nine Percent Unite!

    The Word of God 神の言葉
    God is real.
    I am God of heaven who have overlapped ectoplasm on galaxy space.
    I call to mankind.
    Soul of humanity is a child of God, who separated from ectoplasm of the gods of the stars.
    All mankind is a child of the gods.

    ① You should build a society that pays respect to all mankind.
    ② All mankind should live with sharing each other.
    ③ All mankind should cooperate with recognizing the difference.
    ④ All mankind should be recognized the right to self-determination.
    ⑤ You should build a society in which all human beings are treated without discrimination.
    Heaven and the gods ask all mankind to form a world based on the providence.

    Today, the gap of human society widens to extreme, and the society to pay respect to all mankind is in a state far.
    Under the system that money and wealth is concentrated in the minority, people are no longer able to have a way of life to share.

    War by the nation-state have been continued, it is in a state far from the realization of the world which cooperate with each other recognizing the difference.
    Countries and companies with deep pockets deprive of the lives of poor people in all area on earth.
    Mankind is treated discriminately in the presence or absence of money.

    Heaven and the gods ask mankind to change the world to receive the appropriate treatment of all human beings as children of God.
    You should to make a single global government to guarantee the rights of all human life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness.
    You should to transit to socialist society to share the means of production and to live sharing together.
    Heaven and the gods ask mankind to unite 99% people in order to achieve these purposes.

    Existence proof of the God  神の存在証明
    God is real.
    I am God.
    God existed before the birth of man.
    I was present with the beginning of the universe.
    The beginning of the universe was concurrent with the presence of God.
    Relationship of God and presence is the unity of conflict thing.
    Being God,not being presence.
    Being presence,not being god.
    God assumes the presence, presence assumes God.
    God is not in presence.
    God is the ectoplasm of non-presence.
    Non-presence of ectoplasm has no space-time.

    God can obtain information of can be obtained past, present and future by overlapped non-presence of God ectoplasm on a specific point of space-time.
    Capitalism collapse near future.
    Socialist earth government is built.
    I Identified by overlapping on the future point that socialist earth government has been built.
    When you realize the socialist earth government, it is proved that I am a God that I can know the future.
    At the present time anyone of mankind considered it to be a dream of a dream that socialist earth government is achieved.
    Human consciousness changes rapidly.
    The 21st century socialist movement expand on a global scale.
    True history of mankind begin from when the planetary society is established.

    This HP was ordered by God, really.
    Please cooperate with this H.P by Heaven and gods so that many peaple know this H.P.
    Please cooperate the project of Heaven and gods who desire to save humankinds.

  4. dinakar
    August 19, 2014

    dear comrades
    Iam an editorial board member of a leading workers trade union citu state organ Karmika Lokamof Telangana state,India.Very much impressed and appreciate ur vision and work. Iwish to join and share ur burden.
    with regards

    • workerscentre
      September 26, 2014

      Dear Comrade Dinkar ji
      Thanks a lot. We welcome your willingness to contribute and work together. I am going to conduct a training program for labour activists in orissa. After coming back in 4-5 days I will soon send you a mail on your email id so that we can communicate with each other in little detail about how we can work together.
      surendra pratap

  5. Amar Nath
    March 10, 2017

    This is great to here that you are working for strengthen the labour and its welfare
    I also want to join you

  6. workerscentre
    May 11, 2017

    You are welcome sir. What you are currently doing. You may communicate at

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