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Suzuki is victimizing the Workers

The management of the biggest car company in India, Mauti Suzuki India Limited has forced a lock-out at the Manesar, Gurgaon plant since the morning of 29 August. It has terminated 11 workers and suspended 10 more on baseless charges of indiscipline and participatins in a “go-slow action”. The company has also imposed a “good conduct bond” on the workers and has decreed that any worker who will not sign the bond will be considered “on strike” and will not be allowed to enter the plant. However, the workers are united and no one has signed the bond. Along with the 1100 regular worker, around 2000 contract and apprentice workers have also joined the struggle, although management tried to separate them by announcing leave for contract and apprentice workers till September 1, 2011. Since July, some contract and apprentice workers are being thrown out almost every day. 84 workers have been dismissed or suspended since July. In July, after the management sponsored elections of the Gurgaon plant based pro-management union, which was boycotted by Manesar workers, the management terminated some leading members of the Maruti Suzuki Employees Union which is still continuing. Earlier the state government had promised the workers leaders that there will be no difficulty in getting the union registered. However, just a day before 15 August, the govt. dismissed their application for registration.


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This entry was posted on September 7, 2011 by in Campaigns on Labour Rights.

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