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Report of Workshop on Sustainable Organizing Strategies for Informal Sector Workers held on 5-6 July 2013 at USO House, Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi

A meeting on Sustainable Organizing Strategies for Informal Sector Workers was jointly organized by Centre for Workers Education, Environics Trust and Asia Monitor Resource Centre on July 5-6, 2013 at USO House, Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi. More than 25 representative from more than 10 organizations participated in the meeting including  Odisha ShramJeevi Sangh, Talcher, Odisha, PTS, Chennai, Domestic Workers Union, Bangalore, Delhi Shramik Sangathan, Delhi, Binodini, Kolkatta, VAMP, Sangli, All India Kabadi Majdoor Mahasangha, Delhi, Asangathit Majdoor Morcha, Bareily, Environics trust, New Delhi, Centre for Workers Education, New Delhi and Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Hong Kong.


First day, in the first session of the meeting the participants introduced themselves and their organization and the sectors and regions they are working. The participants included from Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Delhi, and West Bengal.

In the second session, the problems of each and every sector, the organizing strategies and challenges faced were discussed in detail. The discussions were focused on problems of construction workers, domestic workers, sex workers, agriculture workers, Kite thred (Majha) workers, Kabadi workers, forest workers, and mine workers etc.

Second day in the first session participants were divided in to three groups to discuss on following issues:

  • What were the steps the organization took towards bargaining?
  • How was the bargaining done?
  • What was achieved?
  • What were the key factors that led to Success?
  • What were the key impediments in the bargaining process?

In the end of the session, each group made its presentation and then whole house participated in the discussion.


In the last session there was a summing up of the discussion and exploring possibilities for sharing, exchange and working together. It was decided that we will form an e-group to connect with each other, so that we can share the developments in the organizations and movements with each other.


The sessions were addressed by Amulya Kumar Nayak from Odisha ShramJeevi Sangh,  Sujata Modi from PTS, Chennai, Geeta Menon from Domestic Workers Union, Bangalore, Ramendra and Anita Juneja from Delhi Shramik Sangathan, Shashi Pandit from All India Kabadi Majdoor Mahasangha, Harish Patel from Asangathit Majdoor Morcha, Sreedhar Ramamurthi and Mohit Gupta from Environics trust, Surendra Pratap from Centre for Workers Education, Sanjiv Pandita and Apoorva from Asia Monitor Resource Centre etc.



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