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Maruti Suzuki Workers Organized a Rally in Gurgaon, Police Stooped their March to Manesar

Nearly 200-300 police was deployed to deal with around 500 Demonstrators

As announced by the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union in Convention of 13th July, a Rally was organized in Gurgaon on 18th July in Leisure Vally Park, and then 400-500 demonstrators including workers, activists of various social, cultural, political organizations and trade unions along with a number of students started their March to Manesar where the Maruti Suzuki plant is located. However, 200-300 police deployed in the park stopped the march on the ground that section 144 of CrPC law was imposed on national highway and at the park in Manesar where the workers wanted to start an indefinite sit-in-protest. Later a delegation of representatives of Maruti Suzuki Workers Union and Some other unions of the region was invited for discussions on the issues with the higher authorities. In the mean time rally continued at the leisure vally park.


The rally was addressed by representatives of various trade unions from Gurgaon-Manesar region, NCR Delhi region and also some representatives from other parts of the country. Trade union leaders told that the Voice of Maruti Suzuki Workers is now reaching all over India, and the Solidarity demonstrations are being organized at various place including Chennai, Bombay and Kolkatta. Maruti-Suzuki Workers Union and the social political activists supporting the struggle told that along with workers of the region rural people of various parts of Haryana state are also actively supporting the struggle.


Leaders of the Maruti-Suzuki Workers Union told that the management and the state machinery is not ready to hear the voice of workers. 147 workers are in jail for one year, but their applications are rejected. 2300 Maruti-Suzuki workers including 546 regular workers still stand terminated. But, neither the management, not the state machinery is coming forward for negotiations on workers demands. On the other hand, repression on workers is continuing. Brutal repression was unleashed on 19th May demonstration of workers in Kaithal, and 10 demonstrators including some activists and 3 women were sent to jail.


Some cultural groups also presented revolutionary songs in the rally.

Trade union delegation that met the higher authorizes came back to the rally and reported that higher authorizes are not ready to allow the sit-in-protest at the Tau Devilal Park as demanded by workers. But authorities promised to allow at some other place in Manesar. Authorities also promised to intervene in the matter and see that negotiation process between management and workers starts soon.


Maruti Suzuki Workers Union and representatives of other trade unions of the region declared that they will start indefinite sit-in-protest soon in Manesar, and that the struggle will continue till the following demands are not fulfilled:

  1. Stop repression, release all workers from Jail and withdraw all criminal cases from workers and activists
  2. Reinstate all terminated regular and contract workers of Maruti Suzuki, Suzuki Powertrain and Suzuki Motorbike

Lastly a candle march was organized on the anniversary of 18th July incident to pay tribute to the manager who died in the incident. The workers said that the said manager was pro-workers, and demanded a judicial enquiry on the incident.



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