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History of Toyota Workers Struggle

A Study by Krishna Shekhar Lal Das: Abstract: Since the inception of Toyota Kirloskar its employees felt discriminatory labour practices by the management in terms of salary revision, irrational disciplinary actions and non-confirmation of team member trainees. As there was no salary revision for almost three years from 1999 to 2001 and thereafter a minor increase of Rs. 300 which was a major cause of conflict between employees and management. During the course of Toyota Kirloskar’s employees union’s engagement with the management, we found that their relation was based upon conflict and mistrust. Management often adopted unitary and authoritarian approaches while dealing with its own employees and union. Instead of entering into negotiation and accepting the existence of the system of collective bargaining mechanism, management invariably taken action of  suspension, dismissals and other disciplinary actions to its employees which went against establishing good, harmonious, cooperative and collaborative industrial relations in the company. The outcome of existing industrial relations reflected in many strikes and one of them even went upto 52 and it was also a cause of colossal financial and reputational loss to the company. Management was not able to resolve industrial conflicts own its own and often state government came into rescue as seen by putting Toyota Kirlosakar as an essential service and snatching away the employee’s right to strike.

Read full report here: History of Toyota workers Struggle



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