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The new labour code on Industrial relations placed on website of labour department for comments

The ministry has invited comments on its proposals by May 26. It will hold consultations with trade unions and industry before sending the proposals for Cabinet approval.

Download the draft from here: LABOUR CODE ON INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS BILL, 2015
Highlights of the New Industrial Relations Code
The new labour code on Industrial relations attempts to integrate three laws —the Trade Unions Act, the Industrial Disputes Act and the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act — into a single code for industrial relations. But it proposes allowing companies hiring up to 300 workers to lay them off without seeking official sanction. Currently, industries with up to 100 workers were allowed to do this. The notice period for establishments to fire employees or shut down a unit is proposed to be increased to three months from one month now. Retrenched workers are to be paid an average salary of 45 days, instead of the 15 days at present. Only employees will be allowed to form unions. In the unorganised sector, two officials from outside can become members of a union. Politicisation of unions will be significantly restricted. This will also maintain genuine representation of workers. During conciliatory proceedings, workers in all industrial sectors will not be permitted to go on a strike. The ministry has proposed scrapping various arbitration forums, including the labour court. The industrial tribunal will continue, but the labour court, the board of arbitration and the tribunal court will cease to exist. Strikes will not be allowed without a six-week notice. Now, only workers at public utilities need to provide such a notice to employers. Mass casual leave will be considered a strike. The proposal says if more than half the workers are on casual leave, it will be treated a strike. (Modi govt takes the lead in labour reforms;


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