Center For Workers Education

for building a democratic labour movement in India

CWE Dream Projects

Workers’ Education and Cultural Center

Establishing a Workers’ Education and Cultural Center in at least one of working class localities. The center may be equipped with a library, a conference room and a hall for providing short term temporary accommodation to some migrant workers coming for the first time and without job, and for organizers of trade union facing crisis due to retrenchments etc. The center may provide a cultural space to the workers and also work as an education center for workers. It is expected that the center may also prove effective for organizing the workers

Residential School for Working Class Children

Establishing a residential school from 6th to 12th standard for the working class children, with a focus to accommodate homeless children. It may be established in a rural locality and may also be flexible to enroll those local children not willing to stay in hostel. Education system must be such that it will focus on overall development of children and developing scientific temperament among them. Traditional physical education and traditional knowledge of medicines, basic practical understanding of society and environment, and learning at least one craft practically may also part of curriculum along with other required subjects. The dream is to facilitate emergence of a generation of youth, with great empathy and critical understanding of society and environment, faith in democratic values and have capabilities and courage to play a role in democratic transformation of society.

Magazine for Developing Scientific Temperament and Working Class Consciousness

An online magazine-Social change, for promoting scientific temperament and working class consciousness by presenting a critical analysis on various aspects of society, economy and politics with a working class perspective. The objective of the magazine will be to play a role in developing conceptually sound organizers well exposed with global political economy and challenges of the working class movement. CWE will try to build a team of editors and writers representing various states of India. The authors may write articles in any Indian language and they may be published in original along with their translation in English. CWE will facilitate and promote to build state level team of editors and writers/translators, who may translate all articles in local language and publish online and hard copies of the magazines in local language. Hard copies will be published only in local languages by the state level teams.

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