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Labour Law Reforms and Social Security

1. Labour Reforms

The Political Economy of Labour Law Reforms in India I by Surendra Pratap

The Political-economy-of-labour-reforms-part-II-The-Agenda-of-Labour by Surendra Pratap

The Political Economy of Labour law Reforms in India III by Surendra Pratap

2. Social Security

Social security- A struggle of survival for Workers in the age of Globalization

by Surendra Pratap

Towards a Regional Social Security Minima-Key Note Address in Third International Conference of Asian Round Table on Social Security, Chiang Mai, Thailand, August 2011 by Surendra Pratap

Realizing social protection and decent work for all in Asia-Global Network by Surendra Pratap, Sally Choi and Wulan Dari

Sharpening Labour’s role in advancing social protection in asia


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