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Emergence of the Forum

The current aggression of capital in India and South Asia has been creating a new development dynamics with a major impact on all aspects of economy, society and politics and affecting all aspects of life and work of various sections of workers. There is a need to pool our energies in order to critically understand its various aspects and their impacts in totality. The working class movements can be more effective if they are able to provide well thought and comprehensive alternatives with well justified and strong arguments, along with providing a thorough critic of various aspects of new development dynamics. This can be done only by our combined efforts.
With this felt need, many friends and comrades suggested creating an email-group discussion forum as one step forward to start working together on the above issues. The forum may include unionists/activists/ researchers/ academicians engaged in organizing, educating, researching on various issues related to various sections of workers in South Asian countries, with pro-labour, pro-people perspective.
The discussions in the forum may focus on various aspects of new development dynamics and their socio-cultural-economic-political impact on various sections of workers and the people at large. Another focus may be on understanding the possible impacts of the process of economic integration of South Asian economies (SAARC etc) and what possible alternative policy systems the south Asian labour movements may propose towards creating more pro-worker development dynamics and building a more democratic South Asia. Currently the main focus may be on the issue of reforms in labour laws and other related laws and policies that are going to bring disastrous impact on the life and work of various sections of workers and people at large, and what possible democratic alternatives the labour movements may propose in their struggles. Its significance may be understood in the background that in India the central and state governments are on war path towards completely amending the labour laws and other related laws.
It is with this perspective the South Asia Workers Forum was initiated by Center for Workers Education in mid 2015. More than 300 people associated with working class movements in South Asian Countries are already members of the Forum.


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