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Labour Rights in Industries

Labour Contractors and Global Production Networks: The Case of India’s Auto Supply Chain by Tom Barnes, Krishna Shekhar Lal Das and Surendra Pratap; The Journal of Development Studies, Volume 51, Issue 4, 2015;

Struggle for a Dignified Life: The Case of Paharpur Workers, by Surendra Pratap and Annavajhula J.C. Bose; Social Action, JULY–SEPTEMBER 2015 VOLUME 65 NO. 3;

A Report on Rico auto and Sunbeam Workers Struggle

A report on Graziano workers struggle: Conditions becoming explosive, it may blast any time at any place- The Case of Graziano

Emerging forms of Struggle The case of Maruti Suzuki workers struggle by Surendra Pratap

Workers in the Supply Chain of Electronics Industry in India by Surendra Pratap

Labour Rights in High Tech Electronics

Worker_Voices_in_an_Auto_Production_Chain by AJC Bose and Surendra Pratap

Workers Voices in Auto Production Chain PartII by AJC Bose and Surendra Pratap

Presentation on Bidi Workers

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