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Research Papers/Reports

1. Globalisation and Labour

International Capital Mobility, Global Value Chains and the Emerging Labour Movement in Asia
Emerging Trends in Factory Asia (1)
by Surendra Pratap

ISSUES OF LABOUR UNREST IN ASIA: A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF HOTSPOTS AND FLASHPOINTS; by Surendra Pratap and Annavajhula J.C. Bose. Journal of Indian Research (ISSN: 2321-4155), Vol.3, No.1, January-March, 2015, 1-23;

Vol. 5, Issue, 05, pp. 4355-4365, May, 2015;

Political Agenda of the Corporate vs Political Agenda of Labour in New Global Politico-Economic Regime by Surendra Pratap


Bangladesh Garment Industry in Turmoil

  by Surendra Pratap

Political Economy of Special Economic Zones in China and Implications for Labour

by Surendra Pratap

CSR and the Political Agenda of the Corporate-by surendra Pratap

Book – The Reality of CSR – AMRC

Liberalization of Economy and Politics of CSR in India-by Surendra Pratap, Sanjiv Pandita and Fahmi Panibang

The Reality of CSR – AMRC

Global Factories: Concepts, Structures and Consequences by Surendra Pratap and AJC Bose, MANAGEMENT TODAY, Vol.5, No.4, October-December 2015;

2. Labour Reforms

The Political Economy of Labour Law Reforms in India I by Surendra Pratap

The Political-economy-of-labour-reforms-part-II-The-Agenda-of-Labour by Surendra Pratap

The Political Economy of Labour law Reforms in India III by Surendra Pratap

3. Occupational Health and Safety

Hyperbolic discounting in occupational safety and health in South Asia; by Michael Walker and Surendra Pratap


Corporate led Globalization aggravating the problems of occupational Health and Safety

by Surendra Pratap

4. Labour Rights in Industries

Labour Contractors and Global Production Networks: The Case of India’s Auto Supply Chain by Tom Barnes, Krishna Shekhar Lal Das and Surendra Pratap; The Journal of Development Studies, Volume 51, Issue 4, 2015;

Struggle for a Dignified Life: The Case of Paharpur Workers, by Surendra Pratap and Annavajhula J.C. Bose; Social Action, JULY–SEPTEMBER 2015 VOLUME 65 NO. 3;

A Report on Rico auto and Sunbeam Workers Struggle

A report on Graziano workers struggle: Conditions becoming explosive, it may blast any time at any place- The Case of Graziano

Emerging forms of Struggle The case of Maruti Suzuki workers struggle by Surendra Pratap

Workers in the Supply Chain of Electronics Industry in India by Surendra Pratap

Labour Rights in High Tech Electronics

Worker_Voices_in_an_Auto_Production_Chain by AJC Bose and Surendra Pratap

Workers Voices in Auto Production Chain PartII by AJC Bose and Surendra Pratap

Presentation on Bidi Workers

5. Ideological and Political Problems of Working Class Movement

Political Agenda of the Corporate vs Political Agenda of Labour in New Global Politico-Economic Regime by Surendra Pratap


SEZs-The New War Zones of Working Class in India

  by surendra Pratap


Shrinking spaces for collective bargaining in India

  by Surendra Pratap


Resurgence of the working class movement- Hopes and challenges reflected in the recent struggles

by Surendra Pratap

The Challenges Before the Labour Movement in India: INDE : LES SYNDICATS FACE AU DÉFI DE LA RESTRUCTURATION DU CAPITALISME; by Surendra Pratap

DEVELOPMENT AS POLITICS : A STUDY OF EMERGING WORKERS’ MOVEMENTS IN INDIA, by Surendra Pratap and J.C. Bose; Journal of Economic & Social Development (ISSN 0973 – 886X), Vol. – XI, No. 1, June 2015;

The Challenges before the Labour Movement in India (1) by Surendra Pratap

WORKING PEOPLE IN THE INDIAN ECONOMY A STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS, By Surendra Pratap and AJC Bose, International Journal of Social and Economic Research Vol.5 No. 2 (April‐June 2015);…5…2…pdf

Transforming the Working and Living Conditions of Workers in India by Surendra Pratap and A.J.C. Bose; Indian Labour Journal (ISSN: 0019-5723), Vol. 56, No.4, April, 2015;

A picture of trade unions in India by Surendra Pratap and AJC Bose, Indian Streams Research Journal Impact (ISSN 2230-7850), Volume – 5, Issue – 8, Sept – 2015


NREGA and the scope for revival of rural labour movement in India

  by Surendra Pratap


Aggravating Problems of Social Exclusion and Challenges before the labour Movement

by Surendra Pratap

Trade Union Repression in India (1) by Surendra Pratap

Nepalese migrants in India and their Problems by Surendra Pratap

6. Informalisation

Informality in Automobile Value Chains in India by Timothy Kerswell and Surendra Pratap, Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society, Volume 18, December 2015 • pp. 533–553;


Informal Sector Map of India

  by surendra Pratap


Informal Sector in India and Challenges for its Transformation

by Surendra Pratap

8. Social Security

Social security- A struggle of survival for Workers in the age of Globalization

by Surendra Pratap

Towards a Regional Social Security Minima-Key Note Address in Third International Conference of Asian Round Table on Social Security, Chiang Mai, Thailand, August 2011 by Surendra Pratap

Realizing social protection and decent work for all in Asia-Global Network by Surendra Pratap, Sally Choi and Wulan Dari

Sharpening Labour’s role in advancing social protection in asia

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